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Franklin County announces Quilt Barn Block tour

Ottawa/Franklin County, KS
January 05, 2012



January 5, 2012

Kristi K. Lee

Franklin County Convention & Visitors Bureau

Ottawa, KS

Ph: 785-242-1411 Fax: 785-242-2238

Franklin County announces Quilt Barn Block tour

Franklin County Convention and Visitors Bureau is pleased to announce the formation of the Franklin County Quilt Barn/Block Tour.

There are currently thirteen barns in Franklin County Kansas adorned with 8 foot square painted quilt blocks. There are 2 more committed blocks and will be hung as soon as they are completed.  Additional barns will be added as participation continues to increase.  These locations, which cover all of Franklin County, serve as a self guided driving tour of the area. The complete list of locations can be obtained at the Franklin County Visitors Information Center, 2011 E. Logan, Ottawa, Ks. 66067.

The purpose of the tour is to showcase the rural areas of the county, highlight the farms, ranches, crops and livestock while educating the public of the importance of agriculture economically and historically in the area. It provides the participant the opportunity to see areas of the county and the changes in topography, which they might not normally visit.

The landowners participating in the program realize the importance of telling their story about agriculture, as well as history, on the farm where it all happens. Farming has become a highly developed occupation requiring education, dedication, skill and specialized equipment. It’s a 24 hour a day, seven day a week, 52 weeks a year job, that farmers and ranchers have chosen in order to provided the commodities needed for the rest of the world to survive. By viewing the painted quilt blocks from the public roads, tour goers will see the barns, livestock and equipment needed. Plus they will see how the operations, crops and activities change seasonally as well, providing another insight into the life of a farmer.

Every barn on the tour has a different quilt block, and the patterns and colors were chosen by the land owners for a variety of reasons. For example, The Double Windmill block, one of three blocks on east Rock Creek Rd., was chosen by the current owner to honor her deceased parents who originally owned the property. They were a very devoted couple who loved their John Deere equipment, hence the interlocking or Double Windmill blades painted in green and yellow. One barn has the Corn & Beans block, which are the main crops produced at the farm, and several are personalized such as the McIntosh Star with an apple painted in it at the Pome on the Range Orchard . An explanation of all the blocks, information about the farms, barns and agriculture of the area, as well as locations and directions for the self guided tour, will all be listed in a brochure to be produced by the Franklin County CVB.

While there are other individual barns with quilt blocks on them located throughout Kansas, we believe this to be the first organized county wide project in the State of Kansas. Many other states in the nation have very successful programs and tours, some with hundreds of barn/blocks and it is hoped that Kansas will soon have additional counties develop tours as well!

This great new project has recently been covered in two regional publications including the January 31, 2012 Grass & Grain and the February/March  issue of the Country Register.

For more detailed information about the Franklin County Quilt Barn/Blocks, or any other information about activities and events in the area visit  or contact Franklin County CVB at Kristi Lee, director or Amber Wood at 785-242-1411.