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October 4, 2016

KC Farm to Table


The Farm to Table movement continues to grow as consumers have become more interested in where their food comes from and how it gets to their tables.

There are many options for dining out in the Kansas City area that focus on using local foods and getting them from the farm to your fork in a short amount of time.  Another option is to do it yourself using locally made products that allow you to create your own farm to table experience.

From April –October the area abounds with farmers markets and CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) offering locally grown food for fresh meals at home.  However when the season is over and most of the markets have closed, many retailers carry products that can be used all year to continue the farm fresh experience at home.

Wood and Salt produces small batch spice blends, brines, rubs, infused sugars, smoked finishing salts, and sustainably harvested wood chips for smoking.  They buy locally and organic with retailers located throughout the KC metro.

KC Canning Company specializes in pickles, preserves and cocktail goods  using as much locally sourced produce and product as possible.  Product retailers can be found here.

Hy-Vee, grocery stores are in the game as well with the Hy-Vee Homegrown program. The Hy-Vee Homegrown logo in stores signifies produce was grown within 200 miles of that store.

Visit The Sundry at 1706 Baltimore in KCMO and take a culinary class or attend a dinner with local farmers.  Go online and sign up for weekly food bundles as well as meat grown locally and butchered in-house.

Starting soon, at Bulk-It http://www.bulkitfoods.com/ in Lenexa, KS you will be able to purchase pasture raised and organic fed beef, pork, turkey and chicken from Synergistic Acres from Parker, Kansas.

The Kansas City Food Circle  is the ultimate resource to find local farmers markets, farmers and CSA programs to keep your table as close to the farm as possible.

-Julie Steiner, Lenexa CVB Director