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March 25, 2016

Tailgate Like a Pro in KC!

I may be biased, but having been to a few other states for a game or two, I truly believe that no other city in the U.S. compares to Kansas City when it comes to the parking lot parties known lovingly as tailgating. Maybe itís because our facilities are electric with fan excitement or perhaps itís the scent of all things BBQ wafting through the aisles of cars and people who are prepping for the game. Iím sure it has something to do with the ice-cold beer that always seems to taste better when surrounded by thousands of people with one common goal. But, one thingís for sure: there is no better feeling than lining up at the gates, finding your spot and rolling out the grill for a pre-game ritual done Kansas City style on a beautiful day. Whether itís at Kauffman, Arrowhead or Sporting KC, fans in Kansas City have tailgating down to a science.

If youíre in town for a game (I highly recommend checking out the boys in blue this spring/summer---I mean, we are the defending World Series champions), hereís a top 10 list of tips for tailgating like a pro in Kansas City.

  1. Make a check-list. Youíll need everything from food items to a grilling station to cash and sunscreen. Preparing in advance saves you from buying a $12 bottle of bug spray inside a stadium. Laminate your check-list so you can use it again and again.
  2. Prepare as much food as possible the evening/day before the big game. (skewer and marinate meats; mix up pasta salads; cut up veggie trays; get the cheese dip ready to heat---donít forget, unless you bring your own portable electricity, everything will be heated with grills.
  3. Pack like a pro---I had no idea thereís a genius way to pack a cooler, but thereís a ton of ideas on Pinterest for tailgate hacks. Check them out here.
  4. Know your routes to the game. Traffic can get congested sometimes, so itís always good to check online before leaving to ensure an easy drive instead of bumper-to-bumper gridlock. Take an alternate route if needed.
  5. Arrive early so youíre not rushed to setup, cook, eat and cleanup in a hurry. The experience is so much more enjoyable if you can really sit and enjoy your guests.
  6. Tie a balloon to your vehicle so friends can easily find you and snap a picture of your row/aisle before going in to the stadium. Trying to find your car when you exit the game will be much easier!
  7. Remember to be neighborly. The people in Kansas City (and most cities) are very nice and hospitable, but donít push your team around too boastfully or you might get some snarky glares or teasing. One KC superfan tweets his location at Chiefs games every week and no one is turned away from his tailgate party.† What a guy!
  8. Hydration is KING. We have all overindulged at some point, but missing the game is sad business if beer was your breakfast and lunch of choice. Sub in water for every other alcoholic drink and sip slowly.† No one likes to be around a drunken Richard.
  9. Scoutís honor---leave your spot a little nicer than you found it because itís rude to expect the stadium crew to clean up after you. Make sure to bring along a safe place for hot coals once youíre done grilling (a metal bucket works well).
  10. Last, but not least, enjoy the game! Know the restrictions on what you can bring inside or you might have to leave it at the gate. Take lots of photos, meet new people, prepare for the beer to cost $8 per can and then cheer on your team (even if itís not the Chiefs).
Need more info on the stadiums across Kansas City? Check out these fan guides so you can enjoy the ultimate sporting experience in KC! ~By Karen Crane, Merriam Visitors Bureau